10 aviation movies and binge-worthy series

Less flying due to the pandemic? More time to relax?
Grab your favorite drink and snacks, because we’re going to binge-watch!
We selected 5 movies and 5 series that you must see!


Here is our Top 10 movies and binge-worthy series, all about “our life in the sky!”


(comedy – 1980)
The first movie on our list is lighter than air. With actor Lesley Nielsen in the lead, you know what to expect. This comedy is a real parody on about anything to do with flying. A traumatized fighter pilot must land a passenger plane safely after the crew and passengers were killed by food poisoning. And of course, he wins the heart of that handsome flight attendant.


(psychological thriller – 2005)
A mysterious flight between Berlin and the USA. A young widow, starring Jodie Foster, flies home with her daughter after her husband, an aeronautical engineer, died. The coffin with his remains is also on board the plane. When the woman wakes up after a nap, she notices that her daughter has disappeared. But then, everyone on board claims to have never seen the child… Is she suffering from a mental crisis, or is there another mystery?

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(drama – 2012)
The film starts with the cliché of a captain waking-up next to his favorite flight attendant, in an hotel room somewhere in Orlando. Captain Whip Whitaker, starring Denzel Washington, uses cocaine to wake up after a sleepless night. When things go wrong in flight, he manages to save nearly all the passengers, thanks to his spectacular flying skills. For a short time, he is the hero of the flight. But questions start to arise during the investigation… Is he really a hero or does he hide a secret?


(action thriller – 2014)
A true action movie as we like it, but also over the top. With the necessary spectacle and violence. Liam Neeson plays a tormented Air Marshall. During the flight, he receives a note that someone will die every twenty minutes, until a $150 million deposit is paid to an offshore account. The beginning of an exciting cat and mouse game!


(drama – 2016)
Based on the true story of Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the American pilot who successfully landed his failed plane on the Hudson in 2009, saving the lives of all 150 people on board. Despite being acclaimed worldwide for his exceptional achievement, an investigation into the facts threatens to mercilessly plummet his hero status. Top actor Tom Hanks stars as the accused captain.


(series – 2004)
Perhaps we should classify this reality series under ‘guilty pleasure’. The fact is that the adventures behind the scenes are very entertaining to watch because of their great recognizability. You will find a series of episodes about every major airport. The common thread: stressed passengers, unexpected problems and the occasional VIP who keeps everyone on their toes. Daily life in the wonderful world of aviation.

Come Fly with Me

(series – 2010)
Come Fly with Me is a British mockumentary television comedy series, from the makers of ‘Little Britain’ parodies. Starring FlyLo (a low-cost no frills airline), Our Lady Air (an Irish low-cost airline) and Great British Air (a major British flag carrier). Come Fly with Me is a true gem, but take the British humor with a grain of salt!

Pan Am

(series – 2011)
This American series catapults you back to the golden years of aviation. Flying was exclusive and adventurous and flight attendants were the goddesses of the sky. Although the story is a bit romanticized, the classic gives a good idea of the zeitgeist and the elegance of commercial aviation in the fifties.

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Into the Night

(series – 2020)
This European-made series is an astonishing and apocalyptic story. During a night flight it appears that the radiation of the sun has suddenly set in motion an inferno on Earth. Every bit of life that comes in contact with sunlight scorches instantly. Will the pilots manage to stay ahead of the rising sun until they find a safe haven?

The Flight Attendant

(series – 2020)
Kaley Cuoco plays a cabin attendant who loves to be carried away by the moment. Wild parties, drunken one-night stands and other naughty adventures are a regular feature of her layovers. But then, she wakes up next to her latest conquest, whose throat is slashed… What is happening in this American black comedy mystery thriller?

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