VATAC chooses CrewLounge DOCS

VATAC signs-up with CrewLounge DOCS
Austria based training organization VATAC chooses CrewLounge DOCS for license validation monitoring

Vienna Aviation Training and Consulting (VATAC)
has signed an agreement with CrewLounge AERO to provide software services. VATAC will be the launch customer for the new Small Business (SMB) edition of CrewLounge DOCS.



Vienna Aviation Training and Consulting (VATAC) GmbH is an EASA approved Approved Training Organization (ATO) . The Austria registered company was founded in 2021 by a group of passionate and very experienced airline pilots, instructors and examiners. The aim is to provide high quality courses and consultancy to pilots and airline operators for maintaining their proficiency in all aspects of aviation.

The training organization offers a wide-spread of EASA approved Training Courses. “Our expertise are not limited to Type ratings, Instructor and Refresher training.” says CEO Christian Wolf,  “We also provide CRM Training for airlines and to other organizations, such as air traffic control personnel, maintenance and airport ground handling.

As a consulting partner, VATAC supports the entire process of all training-related tasks within the training department of an airline. “We design and implement high-quality courses, we develop or optimize company manuals, and we design training syllabi and recurrent programs.” continues Christian Wolf.

VATAC has signed up as launch customer for the new Small Business plan for CrewLounge DOCS. “We will be using Crewlounge DOCS to facilitate the administration of all documents and maintain an overview of the validity of our instructors and examiners’ licenses. It is a great tool to ensure compliance with authority requirements and reduce the administrative workload of our office staff!” says Head of Training Martin Lehner.

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Vienna Aviation Training and Consulting


CrewLounge DOCS

CrewLounge DOCS is a document management platform for individual use (B2C) and for business use (B2B). Crew members can store and organize documents, such as a copy of the license, qualifications, certificates and tax invoices. Instructors can upload training reports, and check pilots can endorse company forms for license renewal.

CrewLounge DOCS monitors the expiry date of all documents and automatically sends notifications to individual crew members for renewal. The Business (BUZ) license allows crew members to upload documents for private use and share documents with the employer.

The concept for the Business edition of CrewLounge DOCS is based on individual user accounts. All crew members must upload their documents themselves via a web portal.” says General Manager Pat Boone, “In collaboration with VATAC we are now launching the Small Business edition where the organization will take care of uploading all documents.

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