Vietnam division moving to brand new Office

Hanoi Team excited to reunite post corona lockdown

Back in 2009, CrewLounge AERO started as an independent passion project. Over the past decade the project grew into a solid company with 30 full-time employees across offices in Europe and Asia. The vast expansion required new housing in all countries.

The Philippines division already moved to a triple-sized office in the city of Cebu two years ago.  Last month, after working remotely for more than six weeks due to the corona lockdown, the Vietnam division reunited in a brand new 1,300sqft office.  We are actually the first company to take up residence in the new building.  The new location in My Dinh area in the heart of Hanoi provides convenient commuting and public transport options.

The PH team is responsible for desktop development and customer support. The VN team is taking care of mobile app development and cloud services.  Both teams doubled in size over the past two years.

It was absolutely time to move to a bigger and more ergonomic working environment.“, says Linh Hong Nguyen, legal director, “The expansion inspires us to further improve our customer services!“.


Open-plan Office

The open-plan office is a flexible and less formal workplace for the team. The concept caters for desk-based, mobile and remote workers. Special attention was giving to noise reduction and extra lighting.  We created different areas for work, classroom teaching, relaxation, and a lunch area with wall-kitchen.

This office will definitely increase our productivity, and return more value to our customers!” says Phuc Dang Do, team leader and technical director in Hanoi, “We are proud on this achievement.


Office in Picture

We are happy to share some pictures with you, as well as the construction timelapse video :

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