Have you tried the new Flight Simulator 2020?

Reviewing Microsoft’s new FS2020

Fourteen years after the launch of FSX, Microsoft released a new version of its popular game, the new Flight Simulator 2020. Have you tried it? Was it worth the wait?

We asked our pilots and cabin crew, and got in touch with Paul Sweeney, a long-time user of CrewLounge AERO. Paul is a senior captain on the Boeing triple-7 with Emirates, and a first-day lover of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator. He participated in both the αlpha and βeta test phase of the FS2020 development program. We are delighted to share his insights with you in a unique twenty-page illustrated document!

Spectacular Sceneries

Flight Simulator 2020 uses accurate geographic data from Microsoft’s own Bing® Maps and offers photorealistic sceneries. The new version is powered by a global cloud computing network and real-time weather information.

Even if you are not a pilot in real life, you can quickly start to fly with the built-in tutorials. You learn about the physics of flight, cockpit instruments and how to use the yoke.


’’The experience that you are about to have is one of awe and wonder…’’

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