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This page covers some general commercial questions on our products and services.
There are additional FAQ pages for each specific product.

If you need any technical assistance with the use of the applications, visit our CrewLounge SUPPORT pages.


Products & Pricing

CREWLOUNGE is a complete software suite with different modules for pilots, cabin attendants, and more. Sign-up for free and join us today. With a single User Account, you can use any of the software applications.

Each CrewLounge module (PILOTLOG, CONNECT, DOCS, …) has its own pricing. You only pay for the apps you need, and all apps come with a free trial plan. From the main AERO home page, select the module of your interest and click the ‘Read More‘ button. Pricing is indicated for each module.

Are Taxes included in the listed Price ?

For purchases through our website, we handle a fixed end-user price policy:  the price listed on our website is the price TOTAL TO PAY. There are no extra charges or taxes.  All customers worldwide pay the same price (in Euro), regardless whether you reside inside or outside the EU, if you fly from your home country or from another country, whether you are a private user or a business.  In the event VAT taxes apply on your order, we do not charge extra.  Instead, as a customer service, we will pay those taxes for you!  This is also reflected on your invoice.

For In-App purchases (iTunes, Google Play), pricing and taxes are handled by the store.  Taxes for your country may be included or may be charged in addition. We have no control over that.  You will be prompted by the mobile app store with the final Total to Pay prior to confirming your order. The invoice is issued by the mobile app store.

The pricing in the mobile app stores is usually higher than the pricing through our website. This is because the stores take a commission up to 30%.

I need support with my software / my order

Whatever software you use, there will always be a number of bugs, issues and inconveniences. But most important is the support you get from the team behind the software! We sincerely believe that the strength of our products and services depends on the support that comes with it. We take pride in delivering an excellent customer service, check our rating and customer feedback on TrustPilot.

Whenever you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact CrewLounge SUPPORT . We offer 24/7 email support to all customers, also on holidays, also for user with the free license plan!

What’s the relationship between CrewLounge and CrewLounge Shop

When AvioBook acquired CrewLounge, the shop part of the platform was sold to a Belgian buyer to continue providing aviation products to the Belgian and Dutch markets. Since then there has been no connection or relationship between the two companies. It is now known as House of Pilots.

Any issues you may be facing with this company are totally apart from CrewLounge and unfortunately we are unable to support your queries.

I forgot my password

Sounds familiar, it happens to all of us.

Just to make sure, the password for using CrewLounge is not the password you use for:

  • your iTunes or Google Play account
  • your airline company roster download

If you don’t remember your CrewLounge password, insert your email address on the Login page and press the Forgot Password link in the page footer.  You will receive an automatic email to reset your password.

I forgot my email address

Nowadays, we all have multiple email addresses, so we certainly understand your confusion.

Just to make sure, do not mix-up the email address associated with your CrewLounge User Account with other email addresses that you may use for:

  • your iTunes, iCloud, Apple ID or Google Play, Android ID: those are not needed to run the software
  • your airline / company email address:  this email address is not needed to run the software

If you forget which email address you signed-up with, search your Email Inbox for any email messages from CrewLounge AERO or CrewLounge SUPPORT.

If you cannot find any message, then contact us with the following information:

  • your full Name
  • (if applicable) your airline company and your Employee ID
  • a photo of your identity card, passport, driver license or your company badge

We will then search our User Database to find your account.  When found, we will return to you with the email address linked to your account.  We will not send any password.  If you forgot your password, you can reset the password here:

I want to close my Account

We are sorry to see you go.  If you are not satisfied with the software or our customer support, please let us know what is bothering you.  Your satisfaction is most important to us!  We want all customers to enjoy our products and customer support.

We have a No Refund policy. Your subscription will automatically terminate at the end of the running period.  Subscriptions are never renewed automatically.

A refund on the current subscription period is not possible.  Kindly read the Terms of UseRefund Policy for more details.

When your subscription terminates, your account with CrewLounge AERO remains active for a period of 18 months. If you do not use the software within the period of 18 months, the account will close by itself and all data will be permanently deleted, in line with the EU GDPR privacy rules.

If you prefer to closing your account right away, login to My CrewLounge – User – My Account (here) and follow the instructions to delete your account.

I have another question: Product FAQ pages

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