CrewLounge introduces the Pause Button
The new Pause Button feature gives crew members flexibility and control over their CrewLounge subscription.

CrewLounge AERO is proud to announce the launch of the Pause Button, a new feature that allows crew members to temporarily pause their subscription.

There are times that your Life in the Sky stands still for a moment. Job loss, giving birth to an amazing baby, illness or medical injury, the loss of a loved one, or you just need a break! You can now pause your subscription with CrewLounge AERO for a longer period of time. The Pause Button gives you the ability to freeze your software license, when you take a break from work.

“We understand that crew members can face unexpected life challenges that impact their ability to work,” says Pat Boone, general manager at CrewLounge. “As an airline pilot, I myself lost my job several times in the past. And I also had to report sick for an extended period of time after an accident,” he continues, “With the Pause Button, we support our customers and give them the flexibility they need to overcome these challenges.”

The Pause Button function is available to all crew members who have a paid subscription to any app of the CrewLounge AERO suite. The procedure is extremely simple, you just press the pause button in your online account. It is not only that simple, but also very flexible, because you don’t have to set an end date in advance! Your subscription is paused for as long as you need, until the day you feel ready to resume work!



How to Pause?

To pause your subscription, follow the instructions in the following Online Solution article:

How to Pause my subscription?

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