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CrewLounge AERO is developed by AvioBook, a Thales Group company.  AvioBook is headquartered in Belgium, with offices across Europe, North-America and Asia.

CrewLounge AERO was founded by Captain Pat BOONE, a senior training pilot and author of the B737MRG handbooks. Today, tens of thousands of crew members worldwide rely on the CrewLounge apps, every day again!  

A dynamic team of 190 developers, officers and support agents work around the clock to bring you the AVIOBOOK and CREWLOUNGE products and services.

Philippines - Cebu Office

Helpdesk Support

Team Lead - Cebu

Chris graduated BSIT at the University of Cebu Lapu-Lapu and Mandaue. He is IBM Certified Database associate.

Chris loves to travel and going for new adventures around the world… !

Cristopher ESTORGIO
Developer Windows & Mac

Cris is an experienced software developer. He joined the team a long time ago.

Besides coding, he is also a musician and sports enthusiast.

John Ray COPIO
Quality Assurance

John graduated BSIT from the University of Cebu – Lapu-Lapu and Mandaue. He enjoys traveling, dancing and listening to K-Pop music.
His recent city trip was to Taiwan.

Aprille PAREJA
Head of Support

Aprille holds a Bachelor in Airline Management. She is an expert in e-Commerce, SEO and Social Media.
Aprille loves reading books and watching movies. But by far, she loves being outdoor – oops, that includes the Office ?

Cloud Developer

“My decisions are often defined and inspired by my believe”

Sunny graduated as BSIT at the Cebu Institute of Technology – University. He loves all about computer technology, including hardware, software coding and gaming (during office hours :).

Sunny aims for a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Data Specialist

George completed the Computer Service course after High School.

He loves hanging out with friends, as well as reading all kinds of books.

Candice LIHAT
Customer Support

Candice Mary graduated BSIT from the University of Cebu – Lapu-Lapu and Mandaue.
After a stressing office day (sometimes there are) she recovers by playing volleyball, watching movies, or with cross stitching, a total mental detox.

Moana Marie RECAÑA
Customer Support

Moana is a senior customer support agent with ten years of experience.  She loves photography, arts, and making cartoons of her friends and herself…

Her name “Moana”, like the Disney movie, refers to the deep Ocean near Hawaii.  That’s probably why she’s always drawn to beaches 🙂

Ma Therese DE LA CERNA
Customer Support

“Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.”

Ma Therese loves travelling and going on adventures.

Customer Support

Steve is a BSIT graduate, living in Davao.  He loves active hiking and fitness, but also lazy video and online gaming.

Steve is mild claustrophobia, which may explain his interest in the wide open extraterrestrial and astral projection 🙂

Daisser IGOY
Customer Support

Daisser graduated as Bachelor of Science in Information and Communication Technology.
She loves going to mountains and beaches to unwind!

Michael I. REGUERO
Customer Support

Michael graduated at the Asian College of Technology. He took up an ICT associate course major in programming.

In his free time, you find Michael in the mountains, watching the beautiful sceneries of sunset and sunrise. He loves to invent new food meals and appetizers, browsing new music and reading Anime Mangas. He is interested in every aspect of life!

Viet Nam - Hanoi Office

Mobile Apps
Cloud Development

Team Lead - Hanoi

“Imagine a day without line code, that is definitely the end of the world!”

Linh lives in Hanoi capital – one of the most beautiful cities in Vietnam. He had experienced using many programming languages but most prefer is android and javascript. Linh is the legal director for CrewLounge Vietnam.

Cloud Developer

“Have an inquiring mind and a sense of responsibility”

Thuan is a senior cloud developer. He is very humorous and sociable, and a good team player. He continuously cultivates the experience in programming skills.

Out of the office, Thuan loves going for a walk, listen to music and gaming.

Android Developer

He graduated at PTIT(Posts and telecommunications institute of technology). Aside from being an Android developer, he likes listening to music, reading manga, watching anime.

iOS Developer

He graduated from HaNoi Open University. He like coding because he likes puzzled and makes his life easier. Aside from being an iOS developer, his hobbies are listening to music and playing games.


Cloud Developer

He is a cloud developer. Besides the love for programming, he loves backpacking, mountain climbing and embracing the nature.

Android / iOS Developer

Thai graduated from Hanoi University of Business and Technology, and the VTC Academy. He is a junior Android and iOS developer. Thai enjoys movies, listening to music and traveling.

iOS Developer

Thong graduated from the HoaBinh University and joined our team a junior developer.
He loves playing online tactic games, as well as doing sports.

Phuong Thao NGUYEN
Social Media

Thao graduated from the University of Languages and International Studies – Vietnam National University.

Off work, she is a book reader and cat lover.

Cloud Developer

”Simple makes a difference”

Dang graduated from FPT Aptech and joined the company as cloud developer.

He loves playing soccer, listening to music, reading books and he is also a cat lover.

Cloud Developer

”Remember to be happy!”

Giang graduated from the Academy of Cryptography Techniques. He joined the Team in 2021.

Giang enjoys listening to music, watching films and travelling.

Android Developer

“You’ll never walk alone”

Giang graduated as software engineer bachelor at the FPT University. He loves cooking and playing sports, mostly badminton and football. And video gaming (during office hours :).

Giang joined our team as senior developer for Android.

Cloud Developer

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

Tung graduated from Hanoi University of Industry. He is responsible for API and Cloud development.

Tung likes to listen to music, watch movies and travel.

He is able to see the beauty in everything, even in a rainy day!

Lien Hong NGUYEN
Quality Assurance

“Smile and be enthusiastic”

Lien studied Information Technology in Vietnam. She joined the Hanoi division as Quality Assurance.

She is a real “girly girl”, who likes to listen to music, go shopping and meet friends. And she is a cat and dog lover.

Lien pays a lot of attention to neatness and cleanliness. Something you can see in every detail of her work!

iOS Developer

“Be confident in the things you do!”

Having faith in the things you do is Thao’s life motto. And that is why we call him “Leo” in our team, based on the zodiac Leo.

Thao graduated from Hanoi University of Transport and Communication. He enjoys watching movies and playing online games.

Cloud Developer

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow!”

Tai graduated from Hanoi University of Science & Technology. He is responsible for API and Cloud development.

Tai likes to play football. He is always open to learn about the things that life brings.

Europe - Offices


Web Developer

Victor is an experienced and bright WordPress developer, he loves his job! He takes care of our commercial websites.
Victor lives in the monumental port city Odessa, near the Black Sea in Ukraine.

Coffee Manager

“MEL item 1:  No Coffee = NOGO”

Pat has been passionate about programming since the first Sinclair ZX81 and Commodore 64.  That makes him the oldest in the team… 🙁

Pat is business owner of MCC-CREWLOUNGE, flying the 737 & 787, and author of the B737 MRG books.

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