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CrewLounge AERO is a software suite from AvioBook, a Thales Group company.
AvioBook is headquartered in Belgium, with offices across Europe, America and Asia

CrewLounge AERO was founded by Captain Pat BOONE in 2019,
and has been acquired by AvioBook in 2023.

Today, a team of 190 developers and support agents work 7/7 days
to bring you the AVIOBOOK and CREWLOUNGE products and services.

Frédéric DRU
CEO of AvioBook

Frédéric is the CEO of AvioBook, an amazing company based in Belgium. AvioBook acquired CrewLounge in 2023.

Let’s continue to build together the future of flying!


Head of CrewLounge

Kimberley joined AvioBook in 2023 as Head of CrewLounge.

There are two things close to her heart: technology & innovation. And what better way to combine them than in the world of aviation?


Founder of CrewLounge

Pat has been passionate about software development since the age of 14, with the first Sinclair ZX81 and later the Commodore 64.

With more than 30 years of experience in the ICT sector (as software developer and business owner) and the Aviation sector (as senior instructor on Boeing aircraft), he created CrewLounge AERO in 2009.


A team of nearly 200 developers and support agents work 7 on 7 days to support your Life in the Sky!

The main headquarters are located in Hasselt (Belgium). The development team for CrewLounge is based in Hanoi (Vietnam). The support team in Cebu (Philippines) guarantees our excellent customer service.


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