Chase Your Dream!

Are you dreaming of becoming a pilot? Chase your dream!  Yes, you can!

If you believe that chasing dreams is for other people, the lucky ones, then you are wrong! It starts with “yourself” and it ends with “giving up”! Living big dreams is not just for people with money and resources. Anybody with zeal, discipline and a bit of talent, can make it. Don’t be scared to reach for the sky, just because you’re afraid of falling down!

Don’t give up just because others believe you cannot do it. The road to becoming a pilot may not be easy. You may need to move to another country to find a job. But it is worth every effort! Don’t just “wish” to become a pilot, but “work” your way to it. Find information on the web and make a plan for yourself, today!

So did Gianmarco Benacquista, born in Latina city, the heart of the Lazio region in Italy. Gianmarco grew up with the obsession of becoming a helicopter pilot. He decided to chase his dream right after high school by taking helicopter training in a flight academy near Rome. He did it! And so can you!  Checkout the inspiring motivation video at the bottom of this blog!

Spectacular Views

Soon after completing his training in 2017, Gianmarco started his career path by working as a co-pilot on the multi engine helicopter AW109. Two years later, he pilots the AS350 and EC130 over the Italian peninsula and the neighboring countries, such as France and Swiss.  Most of his flying is in the Naples aera, with spectacular views on the famous islands of Capri and Ischia. It’s a dreaming coming true!


You can follow GianMarco on his Instagram account (here).


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