Layover in Buenos Aires: La Boca, Tango, Café!
Alexandro Beron is a steward with a Spanish main carrier
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Buenos Aires is the perfect amalgamation of everything your heart desires. The city has so much to offer that you would run out of time but not fall short of places to go. Every time my layover in Buenos Aires comes to an end, its charming attraction pulls me back. I have been to the city multiple times and would still want to hop on the next flight that lands there.

I’m excited to share my experiences with other CrewLounge crew members. Buenos Aires is simply indescribable; you need to breath its air to feel the city truly.

Daytime Expeditions: Sightseeing, Kayaking & Street-Shopping

Let me break it down for you, you need to rise early to enjoy everything Buenos Aires offers. So make sure you are mentally prepared to leave the hotel at 8 am sharp.

Our crew stays in Fierro Hotel Buenos Aires, which offers a very relaxing rooftop pool and sauna and fantastic food. The place makes it much easier to relax well on the night before our city exploration begins.

Kayaking & Biking in Tigre & the Paraná River Delta

One of the most adventurous ways to start your day in Buenos Aires is to go kayaking or biking. The tranquil environment, closeness to nature, trees surrounding the delta take you into a completely new world. You can breathe in the freshest air and feel the breeze in your hair. I guess this is why they call the city Buenos Aires. The air can’t be fresher than it is here.

You can take a full day tour or just go there for an hour or two. On-spot kayak and bike rentals are available. Expert kayakers are also there to guide you or take you through the delta. Overall, it is a rejuvenating experience if you get past the hurdle of rising early.

Sightseeing Adventures at Plaza De Mayo

After the early morning workout, you can return to your hotel for a hearty breakfast and leave for the most attractive sightseeing destination in the city – Plaza De Mayo.

The Plaza is the most famous city square in Argentina. It has seen it all, the protests, the rebellion, Argentina’s independence, and much more! This is where you will find Victorian architecture and ample photo opportunities.

My favorite building here is the Casa Rosada. Some of its fascinating aspects are its stately grandeur, pale pink exterior, and ornate rooms, including The Salon Blanco, The President’s Office, and The Stained Glass Gallery.

Lunch at Café Tortoni

After all that sightseeing, you will surely get hungry. The nearest and the most incredible lunch that you can grab is at Café Tortoni. It is not just a place to eat; it is a glimpse into the soul of Buenos Aires. The Café has been in existence since 1858 and has been patronized by several celebs over time, including Robert Duvall & Albert Einstein.

If you want a taste of authentic Argentinian delicacies, you must go for Picada on the menu. It is their famous meat and cheese platter that you will find nowhere but in Buenos Aires. Order a Cappuccino to go with it and Chocolate Alfajor for dessert, and you will become as good as a local!

Another not-to-miss attraction here is the Tango Museum above the Café. You can find out about the dance form here, but Tango is best experienced while dancing it, which is best done at night!

La Boca Exploration: The Art Street with a Soccer Twist!

If you love looking at pictures or getting your pictures clicked, La Boca is the perfect place for both. It is the most colorful neighborhood in the entire Buenos Aires. With graffiti walls, street art, bright hues, this is the perfect representation of the city’s colorful culture.

You can explore the artisans’ market or walk through the Caminito Street Museum. You can even see a Tango show or just buy some fantastic handmade craftwork while sipping some freshest fruit juice.

However, it’s not all about art in La Boca. If you are a Maradona fan, you have to visit the La Bombonera Stadium, where Diego Maradona started his soccer career. It is a shrine for all you soccer buffs like me!

La Bombonera Stadium

Aristocratic Nights in Buenos Aires: Performing Arts, Tango, & Wine

Buenos Aires presents a striking contrast between night and day activities. While your days can be adventurous or laidback, your nights are glamorous and make you feel like an elite. Dress to impress is the unofficial dress code if you genuinely want to explore Buenos Aires nightlife. Some of the must-have experiences of the city are mentioned below; if you try, you can experience them all in one night!

Ballet, Opera & Performing Arts at Teatro Colόn

If you are a fine arts connoisseur, you should definitely catch a show at the Teatro Colόn. The elegant venue offers you everything, including Opera, Ballet, Philharmonic Orchestra, Beethoven Festival, and much more. Being one of the most important Opera Houses in the world, its acoustics are well renowned.

If you want to be transported to another world of live performing arts, you have to keep at least two hours reserved for this magnificent theater.

Teatro Colόn - Buenos Aires

Do the Tango while in Argentina

How can any layover in Buenos Aires be complete without experiencing Argentina’s homegrown intimate dance form, Tango! That is why, on my multiple layovers, I have made it a point to watch a show, dance the Tango, and admire the art form.

Tango Dancing - Buenos Aires

If you want to experience watching professionals showcase their praiseworthy dancing prowess, you should definitely catch a Tango Show at Rojo Tango. However, if you want to take a few lessons or dance the Tango, you must visit La Virtua Tango Club. The way your body glides while doing the Tango is something that can only be felt.

Another exciting experience is the International Tango Festival, an annual fest held in August that hosts the Mundial de Tango championship. You can participate or just watch the effortless and exquisite dance performed by the best dancers from around the world.

Wine Tasting in Palermo

If you are a wine connoisseur, you are in the right city. Buenos Aires offers several wine tasting tours. These take you to tour boutique wine cellars to taste homegrown local wines, including Malbec and Torrontes. Further, you get to pair your favorite local wine with appetizers and snacks.

Wine tasting - Buenos Aires

I highly recommend you taking a tour of the Miravida Wine Cellar in the Palermo Soho neighborhood. It is an exquisite experience. You get to know everything about how your favorite beverage is made. The most exciting part of the whole tour is that you can buy a few bottles of your favorite wine that you won’t find anywhere else in the world!

Adios to Buenos Aires until next time

Buenos Aires is the perfect city for a mixed bag crew like ours. Some of us like sports, some like art, some like to dance, and some like wine. Buenos Aires knits together everything so well that you can’t end up not having a great time.

On my next layover in Buenos Aires, I want to go to a Polo match or play the sport myself. I also want to experience an Empanada-making dinner tour because I have fallen head over heels for Argentinian cuisine. I bet these will be equally beautiful experiences as all others!

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