CrewLounge ACADEMY

We’d like to share these high-end apps and references with you :

CrewLounge CONVERT

E6B Flight Computer & Aviation Unit Converter

CrewLounge CONVERT is a mobile app for iOS and Android to perform 24 different flight calculations and aviation unit conversions.

  • decode Snowtam (GRF, MOTNE, CFRI)
  • calculate Cold Temperature Altimeter Correction
  • calculate Fuel Uplift with Density, Endurance, Range, Track Time
  • company tailored TECH LOG, such as fuel uplift for Ryanair Crew
  • convert ATC Metric Levels to Flight Levels
  • convert units for Fuel Flow, Distance, Weight, Surface Area, Speed and Fluid
  • convert units for Angles, including % Slope
  • convert units for Temperature, Air Pressure and Power, including Jet Engine Thrust
  • convert Mach-CAS-EAS-TAS
  • calculate the Wind Triangle based on W/V, GS / TAS, HDG / CRS, including Drift and Wind Component
  • calculate Runway Crosswind
  • calculate Obstacle Climb Gradient and required Rate of Climb

and other Swiss-knife tools, such as:

  • Decibels Sound Meter (measure the sound in the cockpit, the hangar, the apron or your hotel room)

The app runs in 14 different languages:  English, Français, Deutsch, Español, Português, Русский, Türkçe, … Your language can be added too.

CrewLounge CONVERT is part of the CrewLounge AERO aviation suite, however it does not require any account registration. Download the app straight from your favorite app store.


Maths & Physics

How to make the transition from High School to Professional Pilot Training?

“Math & Physics for pilots” is reference material developed specifically for this purpose. In this book, the author explains once again the essential mathematical and physical principles, usually already addressed in High School. However, a first transition is made from the relevant, but abstract principles, to aviation topics, that will be dealt with in the theoretical training, aimed at obtaining an initial European professional pilot license (CPL/IR/ME, or “Frozen ATPL”).

An absolute must for all young people dreaming of one day being a successful professional pilot.

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