Aviate, Navigate, Communicate!

“In that order!” says captain Teofilo

We are meeting Captain Teofilo Etchechury, born in Uruguay and living in Peru since 2006 with his supportive wife and 18-year old son.

Teofilo started his aviation career in 1984 at the Air Force Academy in Uruguay. His first big airplane was the Fokker 27. Later, he switched to the C130 Hercules for 11 years, where he upgraded to the captain seat. During this period he had the unparalleled opportunity to fly many times to Antarctica, King George Island.

In 2003, Teofilo left the Air Force and crossed the line to civil aviation. He started on Fokker 100 with Uair in Uruguay. Today, Teofilo is a senior instructor on the Airbus 320 at LATAM Airlines – Peru, training pilots in the simulator and on the aircraft. He is able to maintain a healthy balance between work and family life.

During the corona pandemic, the company continues with training pilots in the simulator and keeping their license valid, in order to resume flying as soon as the corona restrictions are lifted. “My roster for this month shows more than 20 simulator sessions and another 3 flights”, reports Teofilo, “I very much enjoy the trainings, emphasizing on the basics of ‘fly, nav, comm'”, also know as aviate, navigate, communicate – in that order!



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