Tailored Fuel Uplift check for CrewLounge CONVERT
CrewLounge AERO launches a company tailored Fuel Uplift verification function.

CrewLounge AERO, a leading provider of aviation apps, launches the new tailored Fuel Uplift verification function for its popular electronic app CrewLounge CONVERT.

The procedures for verifying the fuel uplift for a commercial airliner vary by company. With some companies, pilots must record a complete calculation with various intermediate steps in the company’s Aircraft Tech Log. “Those calculations are often time-consuming,” says Pat Boone, general manager at CrewLounge. “We adopt an exact copy of the company’s Tech Log in the mobile app, so that it can automatically calculate and display all intermediate steps.”

CrewLounge CONVERT does not only automate fuel calculations. The software also monitors the maximum allowed deviations between remaining fuel, fuel uplift and total fuel, as well as maximum fuel imbalance for main wings tanks and any auxiliary tanks.

The new feature allows professional pilots to accurately verify fuel uplift quantities and calculations, using the exact layout of the Aircraft Tech Log used by their specific airline company. The tailoring feature improves the efficiency and provides a customized experience for each airline pilot. For certain aircraft types, such as the Boeing 737, the app can even capture fuel quantity per tank from the cockpit displays through the camera! “The new Fuel Uplift feature is a another step forward in CrewLounge’s ongoing mission to provide the aviation community with the tools needed to make flight crew tasks easier,” concludes Pat Boone.


The ability to tailor the feature to each airline’s specific Aircraft Tech Log layout is a unique advantage that sets CrewLounge CONVERT apart from other aviation mobile tools. The new function has been tested in recent months by numerous pilots who fly for a European low-cost carrier. We are now ready to add other companies. Pilots can contact us to add this feature for their airline.


About CrewLounge CONVERT

CrewLounge CONVERT is a highly useful aviation unit converter app that provides crew members with a quick and easy way to perform unit conversions. The app features several other functions, such as Snowtam decoding, Cold Temperature Altimeter Correction, E6B aviation calculations. The app also includes a metric-feet QNH and FL conversion, and a decibel sound meter. With its new tailored TECH LOG feature, CrewLounge CONVERT is set to become an even more indispensable tool for aviation professionals.

CrewLounge CONVERT is one of the many apps of the CrewLounge AERO suite. The mobile app is available from iTunes Apple Store and Google Play. The app supports 15 different languages. For more information about CrewLounge CONVERT, visit our website.

CrewLounge AERO is a leading provider of aviation tools and services. The company is dedicated to providing the aviation industry with the tools it needs to streamline operations. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, CrewLounge is committed to delivering the best products and services to its customers.

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