Layover In Seychelles: Tea Hike, Creole Food, Biking!
Abida Salman is a flight attendant with an UAE Airlines
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East of Kenya SEZ Seychelles

A layover in Seychelles for me is an adventure. Every time there is something new to explore. Till now, I have only explored the three biggest islands, Mahe, Praslin, & La Digue, while 112 still remain! I look forward to unearthing beautiful hidden gems in the unexplored islands. For now, I am sharing my favorite experiences of this mesmerizing archipelago.

Magical Views, Tea Estates, Bike Rides

While islands always offer sunshine beaches, Seychelles offers the full spectrum of natural adventures. The challenging hikes, the time-traveling bike rides, and aromatic tea and coconut plantations make the layover in Seychelles unimaginably diverse. Some of my favorite adventures to explore are:

  • Copolia Trail Hike:

    On my first layover, the crew and I stayed in the Mahe Island, the largest one of all. As the international airport is on Mahe, it is one of the most convenient islands to explore. We wanted to have that one glimpse of the whole island that would say it all. The locals pointed us to Copolia Trail Hike. I still can’t thank them enough because it has been one of the most memorable hikes of my life.

    This intermediate trail is just over a kilometer long and takes approx. an hour to complete, but the glorious views from the granite hilltop at 500m elevation are mesmerizing. You can see everything in just one 360-degree panoramic view – the glistening white sand beaches amidst the crystal blue Indian Ocean.

    If you are a nature-lover like me, you can even head to the Saint Anne Marine Park nearby and explore some of the native species.

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