Layover In Prague: Castles, Bohemian Food, Graffiti!
Mikhail I. is a flight attendant in a Aeroflot.
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Czech Republic PRG Prague

A layover in Prague is an exciting adventure for me. I love its history-oozing architecture, rebellious street art, delicious bohemian cuisine, and tasty craft beers. I can never grow out of Prague’s fascinating charm, no matter how many times I visit the city. For me, every inch of the city is alluring. So, I am elated to share my favorite Prague experiences.

Mesmerizing Prague: Castles, River Cruises, Vibrant Neighborhoods

If it is your first layover in Prague, I guarantee you will be left speechless. I remember how tongue-tied I got because the city is, hands down, mesmerizing. Also, it is not just the ancient buildings and the renaissance architecture that will take your breath away; it is how you go about sightseeing. To sum up, Prague is simply enchanting.

  • Prague Castle:

    This ancient castle is the first place you should visit if you are in Prague. This is where your landing in Prague feeling sinks in. This massive 570-meter long fortification has a Guinness world record for being the world’s largest ancient castle.

    If you have a short layover in Prague, you can spend it all here itself. The castle hosts so many of Prague’s top attractions that you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

    While you are getting awe-inspired by the castle, check out the Golden Lane. It is a charming street that hosted Goldsmith shops in its time and has a mysterious Alchemist legend surrounding it.

    I loved The Old Royal Palace, where I saw the Change of Guards ceremony in the day and the light and sound show at night.

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