Join us and take your subscription with you!
You want to get started with CrewLounge AERO, but you paid a subscription with the competition! No problem! Join us and take your subscription with you, absolutely free!

Every day, we receive messages from crew members who discover CrewLounge AERO and who are eager to switch to our software suite. From pilots who use our roster app CrewLounge CONNECT and now also want to start with CrewLounge PILOTLOG. And from cabin attendants who have recently paid a subscription with the competition, who now want to start with CrewLounge CONNECT.

With this promo we offer you the solution you need! We take over your subscription from the competition, completely free!


How does it work?

To take advantage of this promo, we ask you to make the same purchase from us. We then extend the purchase with the remaining period that you still own with the previous software provider.

Proceed as follows:

  1. send us a copy of your invoice for verification
  2. you become eligible for this promo after we approve the invoice from your current provider
  3. buy your license for at least the same period at CrewLounge AERO
  4. we then extend your subscription with the remaining period from your previous provider


Here’s an example:

Let’s say you recently paid for 12 months for another app and you still have 10 months to go. You would buy a 1 year license at CrewLounge AERO, and we add those 10 months to your account! Totally free!  If you still have 20 months to go with your current provider, buy 2 years at CrewLounge AERO, etc.


Promo Conditions

These conditions apply to this promo:

  • only valid for purchases through our website (order here)  –  not valid for In-App purchases with iTunes, Google or Huawei !
  • only for new licenses  –  not valid for renewals
  • this promo cannot be combined with the mccPILOTLOG grandfathering program (continue here)

This promotion is valid for all CrewLounge AERO apps and runs indefinitely. We reserve the right to stop this promotion at any time.


Getting Started

Before purchasing CrewLounge AERO, please first install and use our apps with the free Student license. We want to make sure we meet your expectations!

Review the pricing for our apps (here).

Send your invoice copy to CrewLounge SUPPORT (here).

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