Looking for a discount?
When shopping online, we are all looking for a discount. Especially with “just” a software app.

There’s nothing more frustrating than missing out on a discount!  You couldn’t find a promo key, or you didn’t read the promo pages until after you paid…

At CrewLounge AERO we make sure you never miss any promo! All our discounts and special promos run always fully automatic!  You never have to enter a promo code!  Some of our promos are permanent.


Loyalty Discount

We are happy to reward your loyalty with a discount. When you purchase a 3 years user license, you receive a discount of 10%. When you buy a user license for 5 years, we even give you a 20% discount. That’s basically the same as paying for 4 years and getting 1 year for free!

These discounts are permanent and fully automatic. You don’t have to enter any promo code! Place your order via our website (order here) and the discount is automatically applied.


Tax FREE Discount

The pricing listed on our website (view here) is a fixed end-user price for all crew members worldwide! Wherever you live, in Africa, America, Australia, Asia or Europe, everyone pays the same price!

The rates on our website are exclusive of VAT. If you are a registered company, you do not pay VAT.

If you are a private individual within Europe (our business is VAT registered in EU and in GB), you should pay VAT on top of your purchase and the price would therefore be more expensive. Good news, you don’t pay anything extra!  We take that VAT on us! If you are a private resident within the EU or GB, you still pay the pricing from our website! We will take care of the VAT.


In-App Purchases

With some of our apps you can also purchase the subscription from the mobile app store, so-called In-App Purchase.

You will notice that a purchase through the app store can be up to 50% more expensive than the pricing on our website! This is because the app stores take a 30% commission on all sales, as well as pass the VAT on to the end user.

Our Loyalty Discount as well as the Tax FREE Discount only apply to purchases that you make through our website!  These discounts are not applicable to In-App Purchases!

As a customer you are free to choose how you make a purchase, via the app stores or through our website. We cannot be held accountable for this difference in pricing, and we cannot refund any purchase that you make through these stores.


Special Promos

We sometimes run special promotions. Friday the 13th is always a lucky day with an extra bonus, as well as on Black Friday. These promotions are also fully automatic, and again are not applicable to In-App Purchases!

If you’re currently using another software, you can actually transfer your subscription from the competition to CrewLounge AERO!

Read more about these promos on our website (read here).


Group Orders

We are often asked if there are additional discounts for group purchases, for example when 20 crew members from the same company make a purchase at the same time. Unfortunately, experience has taught us that while we make 20 people happy, we actually disappoint all the other colleagues in the same company who missed out that group order! For that reason, we no longer offer discounts on group orders.

A group discount is however available through our business plans for aviation companies. We offer discounts for orders of 500, 1000, 2000 and more crew members. Contact us (here) for our business solutions.


More discount!

For sure, we all want more discounts, 50% or preferably free!  A company that gives too high discounts is not healthy. Your discount is worthless when the company ceases to exist shortly after…

We believe that our software and services are fairly priced. Compare our rates with other suppliers and notice that we have the lowest rates by far.  A team of 30 full-time employees is at your service 7 days a week. We have launched thousands of software updates in the past fifteen years. If you are looking for a professional product and service, then you have come to the right place. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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