15 surprising songs about flying
Flying has always appealed to our imagination. Many artists and songwriters find inspiration in our dream to fly and our desire to travel. We let you discover 15 surprising songs about flying, that you’ve probably never heard before!

Many well-known songs are about traveling and flying. Volare by the the Gipsy Kings or Frank Sinatra‘s Come Fly with Me are probably the first that come to your mind. In this blog we bring 15 surprising songs in different styles and in different languages. You’ll discover some bizarre but unique songs, as well as some good melodies, beats and vibes.

1- The Zephyr Song

We start with a cheerful up tempo song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The psychedelic clip does not immediately show a connection with flying. But if you listen carefully to the lyrics, frontman Anthony Kiedis asks his beloved to ‘fly away’ with him.

The title Zephyr refers to a light gust or warm wind. Airbus chose “Zephyr” as the name for its first solar-electric stratospheric Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) mission (read here).

By    Red Hot Chili Peppers   
Album    By the Way   
Released    2002   

Listen here:

[gem_youtube video_id=”0fcRa5Z6LmU” style=”4″ width=”67%”]

2- Bienvenue à Charles de Gaulle

From a song with over 100 million views on YouTube we jump to a song with only 1000 views! Bienvenue à Charles de Gaulle is a special and unknown song by Euphonic Traveler.

The story is about a business trip to Paris. The song begins with a plane landing at Charles de Gaulle, where Christine awaits you as your local guide. The song contains few words, but your imagination can easily fill in the silence. Listen to this very sensual and mysterious song with a glass of French red wine.

By    Euphonic Traveller   
Album    Loungin´ Paris   
Released    2013   
Language    French (Français)   

Listen here:

[gem_youtube video_id=”_2zKdnlWbm8″ style=”4″ width=”67%”]

3- We can’t fly

We can’t fly is a sunny song by the Belgian-Italian Aeroplane band. The electronic keyboard beats make you move, even in your seat. The gospel choir in the background provides the necessary drama.

Unfortunately, this promising band broke up before the song was released.

By    Aeroplane   
Album    We can’t fly   
Released    2010   

Listen here:

[gem_youtube video_id=”-331vCMDyBw” style=”4″ width=”67%”]

4- Big Jet Plane

With Big Jet Plane, the Australian siblings Angus & Julia Stone take you into a daydream. Escape from reality and dream away with this soft song.

The video clip shows the exhausted shop assistant Lizzy dreaming about an unknown love that takes her on a world trip. What is daily reality for us as crew, is an unattainable dream for Lizzy and so many others.

By    Angus & Julia Stone   
Album    Down the Way   
Released    2010   

Listen here:

[gem_youtube video_id=”yFTvbcNhEgc” style=”4″ width=”67%”]

5- Volare

Just a few weeks ago, Venezuelan artist and producer, Danny Ocean, released his highly anticipated single Volare. Yes, another song with the same title, but still different.

In the video clip, the couple literally flies through the air, as if it were all normal for humans. The lyrics are inspired by a trip from the artist to Italy and are about a long distance relationship across the Atlantic Ocean.

By    Danny Ocean   
Album    Volare   
Released    2022   
Language    Spanish (Espanol)   

Listen here:

[gem_youtube video_id=”GGAcqZUOwRE” style=”4″ width=”67%”]

6- Concorde

A song for fans of heavy dance music. With this song, the Belgian Subs pay tribute to the supersonic Concorde as well as to love.

Fans of French cinema will recognize the voice of actor Jean-Pierre Castaldi, known for the Astérix films. In the glamorous clip he shows the best of himself.

By    The Subs   
Album    Hologram   
Released    2014   
Language    French (Français)   

Listen here:

[gem_youtube video_id=”LiaBjvrIgDM” style=”4″ width=”67%”]

7- Spitfire

The English band Public Service Broadcasting takes us back to the glory days of the legendary Spitfire. The mixture of classical instruments, electronics and the voice-overs makes this song run like a train.

The video clip incorporates original pieces from Leslie Howard‘s 1942 biographical film “First of the Few”. He plays the role of R.J. Mitchell, designer of the Supermarine Spitfire. “A bird that breathes fire and strikes out death and destruction”.

By    Public Service Broadcasting   
Album    The War Room   
Released    2012   

Listen here:

[gem_youtube video_id=”_u4Md_aXVJE” style=”4″ width=”67%”]

8- Sunset (Bird of Prey)

A song that cannot be missing in our overview is Sunset by the English Fatboy Slim. Bird of Prey is actually a musical poem by The Doors.

The video clip features original footage from US President Johnson’s 1964 “Daisy” TV commercial. The dizzying flight does not begin until two minutes into the clip. Definitely a must for fans of Top Gun!

By    Fatboy Slim   
Album    Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars   
Released    2000   

Listen here:

[gem_youtube video_id=”zKEWdRPRf3I” style=”4″ width=”67%”]

9- Learn to Fly

This all-time classic by the American rock band Foo Fighters is undoubtedly the funniest music video ever. We see the band members embark on a special flight with very bizarre crew members and fellow passengers.

A fun parody of all kinds of passengers that we welcome onboard our flights every day. You will certainly recognize most of them. You’ll notice that all actors are actually members from the music band.

By    Foo Fighters   
Album    There is nothing left to lose   
Released    1999   

Listen here:

[gem_youtube video_id=”1VQ_3sBZEm0″ style=”4″ width=”67%”]

10- Flight 505

The oldest song on our list, released by the Rolling Stones in 1966. Flight 505 has been much written and discussed over the years.

The phrase “The Day the Music Died” would refer to the airplane crash in 1959, killing Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and Big Bopper. But that is not really certain, because the text “He puts the plane down the sea” does not match the facts. The flight crashed on the mainland near Mason City, Iowa. Flight number 505 would be derived from the very first flight of the Stones to America.

By    The Rolling Stones   
Album    Aftermath   
Released    1966   

Listen here:

[gem_youtube video_id=”5jIeiaoRezo” style=”4″ width=”67%”]

11- Fly with me

Tamiga is a popular artist, known from songs Sunset With Me and Love is in the Air. You recognize her Romanian roots in the sound style and beats.

Fly with me is a light-hearted pop song by her band Tamiga & 2Bad in 2021. The song puts you immediately in a summer mood...

By    Tamiga & 2Bad   
Album    Fly with Me   
Released    2021   

Listen here:

[gem_youtube video_id=”x2n4AyIIFVM” style=”4″ width=”67%”]

12- Death

The London band White Lies used to be called Fear of Flying.

For this song, the bassist was inspired by a transatlantic flight, worrying about his family should the plane crash. A catchy song that is really worth listening to.

By    White Lies   
Album    To Lose My Life…   
Released    2008   

Listen here:

[gem_youtube video_id=”LTh9IuSTOY0″ style=”4″ width=”67%”]

13 – Fly Away

An up-tempo song by Jean Claude Ades that gives you an instant positive boost when you’re feeling down. That’s what this song is about, Fly Away and escape from reality when you feel you need to get away.

Listen to this cool melody and you’ll feel the vibes right away!

By    Jean Claude Ades   
Album    Fly Away   
Released    2007   

Listen here:

[gem_youtube video_id=”Nlf6Xk9huOE” style=”4″ width=”67%”]

14- Voa

Voa is a Portuguese song released by Anjos in 2021. A strong song, deep from the heart, gives you the courage to move on with life after a difficult period.

Fly and feel reborn!

By    Anjos   
Album    Ao Vivo No Campo Pequeno   
Released    2021   
Language    Portuguese (Português)   

Listen here:

[gem_youtube video_id=”5tAGkHWc79Q” style=”4″ width=”67%”]

15- Flying

We close our list with yet another completely different style. Not pop or dance, but Celtic! The Irish song Flying by Cait Agus Sean makes you dream away.

If you’re open to this different style of music, we highly recommend the full album! Reading a book with this album playing in the background, that is pure relaxation.

By    Cait Agus Sean   
Album    Voice of Comfort   
Released    2013   

Listen here:

[gem_youtube video_id=”d4vJwNq7RW0″ style=”4″ width=”67%”]

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