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How does covid-19 change the aviation industry? How are we going to resolve CO2-emission?  How can AI improve our operations? Young professionals envision the challenges and solutions for the future of aviation.

Every year, a select group of senior students at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences organize a conference to explore visions and solutions for the challenges in the aviation industry. Because of the corona pandemic, the 16th edition of the Aviation Management Conference will be an online event.  The conference will be hosting speakers from various respected aviation parties and stakeholders. CrewLounge AERO is guest speaker on this event.


The Mission

Before COVID-19 the aviation industry was rapidly growing and facing challenges regarding capacity and sustainability. The COVID-19 crisis has a significant impact on the whole aviation system. We cannot simply rely on “business as usual” anymore. The aviation industry is now facing other major challenges, which we must cope with throughout the next several years. We are at a crossroads with new opportunities.

The 16th Aviation Management Conference wants to inspire participants with a new vision and perspective for altering the course of the industry, and to achieve a more sustainable future. Captain Pat BOONE from CrewLounge AERO will share his view on the impact of the covid-19 crisis on aviation, from a pilot perspective.


Technological Innovations

What if aircraft are driven by renewable sources such as hydrogen or electricity? Is biofuel a sustainable alternative? What if we change the overall shape of an aircraft to an alternative design?

What role could AI (Artificial Intelligence) have within airside ground operations? Can it help improve passenger flows in the terminals? It is not only important to be aware of the possibilities of AI, but also of possible consequences of implementation of certain technologies in aviation.

The 16th Aviation Management Conference will share visions on how technology can help improve our processes, both in the air and on the ground.


Societal responsibility

As shown in this figure, organizations have become masters in doing business with regards to financial profit and growth to realize even more financial gain. However, the aviation industry is driven by kerosene which is derived from non-renewable resources. This causes non-regeneratable overshoots in climate change, ocean acidification and nitrogen overload.


Organizations have become very successful with the closed loop on the left side, which are the basic principles of business. However, the loop on the right side is still open.  This is a potential danger that will disrupt our home – the planet – in the long run. The 16th Aviation Management Conference will discuss new concepts which can help to close the right-side loop.


16th Aviation Management Conference

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