Check your flight schedule on your Apple Watch

CrewLounge AERO is happy to launch its new watch app. CrewLounge WATCH extends and further improves your experience with CrewLounge CONNECT.


Your Roster

Every day, tens of thousands of professional pilots and cabin crew rely on CrewLounge CONNECT to download their flight schedule. Every month, CrewLounge AERO processes millions of flights and other duties.

With the new CrewLounge WATCH app, we bring the most important functions of the CrewLounge CONNECT roster app from the phone to your wrist.



CrewLounge CONNECT

The CrewLounge WATCH app extends your CrewLounge CONNECT app. The following functions are available on the watch app:

  • HOME: your next DUTY is immediately put in the spotlight
  • ROSTER: view your entire flight schedule
  • DUTY: view the duty details
  • ROSTER SHARE: what are your friends doing today?
  • GEO POS: a navigation gadget, with current timezone, sunset / sunrise
  • CHAT: receive and reply to messages from your colleagues (V2)


Apple Watch

CrewLounge WATCH app is currently only available on Apple Watch. You can download the free app from the App Store. (here)

Are you on Android with CrewLounge CONNECT? Then let us know which watch you prefer: Fitbit, Huawei, Samsung, Amazon Fit, Garmin, …



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