CREWLOUNGE releases the eAPI
CREWLOUNGE proudly presents its new Application Programming Interface

The CrewLounge AERO external Application Programming Interface (eAPI) allows accredited third-party software vendors to push flight data from their app directly to the CrewLounge PILOTLOG user database.


Flight Data

External mobile apps and websites can now transmit flight data to the CrewLounge AERO suite.  This data includes scheduled and historical flight records, simulator training sessions and flight duty periods. After validation, this data is stored in the database of individual pilots, that use the popular CrewLounge PILOTLOG logbook.

The eAPI is web-based, which means that 3rd-party apps cannot push data straight to CrewLounge AERO apps that are installed on the same phone or desktop. Instead, the data is transmitted to the CrewLounge AERO cloud database, from where it will automatically sync to all devices from the pilot.


Third-Party Vendors

The new eAPI comes at the request of various aviation software developers. The eAPI is not publicly accessible. Companies must obtain prior written permission from CREWLOUNGE to access the eAPI. Meanwhile, the first partners have already connected.

If your company also wants to transmit flight data to CrewLounge PILOTLOG, send your access request via this link. Connecting with the CrewLounge AERO eAPI is free of charge.  However, CREWLOUNGE reserves the right to refuse requests for reasons of quality, competition or market strategy.





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