CrewLounge AERO imports flight data
from Delta Air Lines EFB
Pilots can now import flight data straight into CrewLounge PILOTLOG

CrewLounge AERO
imports flight schedules from 500 airlines worldwide. Every month we process millions of flight data for pilots and cabin crew worldwide. Our system connects with more than 100 different crew resource management systems and EFB apps.

Delta Air Lines pilots can now export their flight data from iCrew (MiCrewFP) straight to their personal pilot logbook CrewLounge PILOTLOG. We offer solutions for mobile (iOS / Android) and desktop (Mac / Windows).


How does it work?

Pilots receive flight planning data from the company. They update the EFB during the flight with actual OOOI hours and other flight details. The actual data is then shared with the CrewLounge PILOTLOG app with a simple click of a button.

The following online solution outlines the steps how to configure the CrewLounge PILOTLOG app and how to import the EFB file:

Delta Air Lines – Import your MiCrewFP


Other EFB

CrewLounge AERO connects with different EFB applications for various airlines. Contact us to pair your EFB with CrewLounge AERO!


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