Switching from LogTen PRO
to CrewLounge PILOTLOG

We are being swamped by pilots that quit on LogTen Pro as Coradine introduced its new subscription plan some time ago.

Many pilots reported to be enraged by the expensive annual charge, going above 4,000 USD for a 30-years flying career. We’ll be honest :  LogTen Pro is a nice logbook software (and so are we :), but should you really pay that much for keeping track of your flight hours ?!

Certainly not !  Join CrewLounge AERO and pay 80% less ! Many pilots have successfully switched to CrewLounge PILOTLOG (formerly mccPILOTLOG) in the past years.  Here are some questions they faced :

1. Does PILOTLOG run on Mac ?

CrewLounge PILOTLOG was originally developed as a Windows desktop application. Version 5.0 is a cross-platform application that runs straight on your Mac OS without the need for any virtual windows !

Cross-platform desktop applications may not have the ”look-and-feel” you would expect from native Mac software, that must be said. In return, you get the freedom of combining any desktop platform with any mobile device ! Yes, you can sync your Blackberry phone with Windows Surface, or your Android Phone with a MacBook !

And more important : our mobile applications are native code ! So, you have the full iOS and Android experience with CrewLounge PILOTLOG.


2. What devices can I use ? 

You can run CrewLounge PILOTLOG on five different devices, in any combination.

Version 5 supports the following platforms :

  • (desktop / laptop)  Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS X (Mavericks / Yosemite / El Capitan / Sierra / High Sierra / Mojave)
  • (phone)  iPhone, Android, Amazon Kindle, BlackBerry
  • (tablet)  iPad, Android, Windows Surface

We do no longer support Windows Phone and we do not support Linux.  Sorry about that.


3. Why did you change to a subscription plan, similar to Coradine ?

There are many logbook applications out there, usually developed by a pilot in his/her off-days.  Most of them disappear after a few years, as the workload becomes too high.

We are here to stay ! A team of more than 20 full-time developers and support agents work clock-round on CrewLounge apps. It’s simple math to understand the balance between monthly returning salary costs versus one-time earnings… The new subscription model ensures the company’s long-term health.

But it does not have to be that expensive !  Our subscription price is much, much lower, in fact 80% cheaper !  You can use CrewLounge PILOTLOG (desktop + mobile) for only 2 EUR (about 2,5 USD) per month, compared to nearly 10 EUR ( 11 USD) with Coradine.  Can’t believe it ?  Check it out here :


4. Can I import my records from LogTen Pro ?

CrewLounge PILOTLOG imports data from 50 other electronic logbooks, including LogTen Pro. Follow the guidelines published here .



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