CrewLounge AERO releases document manager
We are releasing the new module CrewLounge DOCS, a modern document management system software for individual and company use.


Until now, the pilot logbook app CrewLounge PILOTLOG had a function to manage certificates and to monitor expiry dates. With CrewLounge DOCS, we are now expanding the functionalities and making them also accessible to cabin crew and ground staff.

Individual crew members can supply documents, such as a medical license or new visa, directly to the employer. Instructors can exchange and sign training reports. Companies can manage all crew documents, obtain an instant overview of all expiry dates and issue automatic email reminders.

As a crew member, you can store and organize all your private documents, including your expense notes, tax statement, recommendation letters, etc. With the built-in tool, you can build stunning Resume/CV, totally free (learn more).



Lost my flight bag

“After a long ten hour flight, someone stole my flight case at the airport in Mexico in the blink of an eye.” says Silva Da Costa, a senior airline captain. “It was a real nightmare, just to get back out of the country without a passport and company badge. And to be allowed to do the return flight without a flight license and medical license…”, Silva continues, “I spent hours on the phone to get scanned photos via the airline, and to contact the council where I live, in order to fly back. It would have been so easy if I had a copy of all the documents to hand.”

Kim Lee turned out to have forgotten a copy of his last simulator check during his job interview for a new company. “Fortunately, I was able access my documents from my mobile phone, and instantly download a copy.”  That saved the day, Kim got hired.



With CrewLounge DOCS you have access to all your crew documents as well as training files, anytime, anywhere! Access your documents on your phone, or login through any secure browser and have instant access to all your documents.

CrewLounge DOCS is available for individual use (B2C), as well as for aviation companies (B2B). CrewLounge DOCS can connect and exchange data with existing crew management systems. Visit our website (here).

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