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Get Instant Solution While Waiting for Response

Whatever software you use, there will always be bugs and shortcomings, no doubt about that. More importantly is the support you get from the Helpdesk behind the software ! CrewLounge Support is there for you, 24 / 7 to address your inquiries and assist you where needed.

Whenever you encounter a bug or whenever you get stuck, don’t stress, we’ve got your back ! Here are a few tips and tricks that may come in handy :

  • Error Messages. In most cases, the software will display an error message, error code or a log report. Carefully read the notification, and try to find the corresponding solution in our extensive online Knowledge Base
  • Check Userguide. The online solution articles cover common errors and problems, rather than explaining How-To use the software. To use the application to its maximum extend, we have created a complete User Guide. Sure, we can read your mind right-now, it says “I don’t have time to read that thing”… Don’t worry, you don’t need to read the whole book to use the software. Instead, construe the User Guide as your Quick Reference Handbook, and simply grab the page that is relevant to the problem you are facing today. Press “CTRL-F” and look-up any keyword, as shown here :Handbook, and simply grab the page that is relevant to the problem you are facing today.  Press “CTRL-F” and look-up any keyword, as shown here :

  • Helpdesk.  If the above-listed solutions do not resolve your inquiry, please do contact us !  We are no superheros that resolve all issues in a single email-reply. But for sure, we do the best we can to getting you helped !  Contact us straight from the app where you have the ongoing issue.To get resolution on your initial contact, consider the following details on your email. 

    1. Explain the issue – Avoid providing minimal information, the more information of the issue the fast you get resolution
    2. Screenshots – An image speaks a thousand words. This would help us better understand the issue.
    3. Short Video – This applies to some cases that is hard to explain with just a screenshot.
    4. EXE# – Specify the EXE# and build date where the issue occurs
    5. Steps Performed – It would be best if you can also mentioned the steps you had taken to avoid being advised the same.